About Me

Me Yacht Pic30 years of professional yacht sales experience. Delivering high quality services for my clients regarding the luxury yacht market. With brands like Ocean Alexander, Azimut / Benetti, Bertram, Galeon, SeaRay, Hatteras…etc.

                  My passion is any and all boats  – big or small.

• Tailored Yacht research and discovery- on all available brokerage worldwide
• Guided walk throughs / surveys
• Sea Trials
• Buyer Negotiations and/or Seller Negotiations
• Financing

I am here to help insure that your search for the perfect boat is fun and stress free.  All the while,  providing you with that special boat that truly meets all your wants and needs.     And just as important- providing you with the biggest value for your dollar.

I’m available at your convenience ~ Call, text or email me  24/7

        “Your friend in the boat business”.

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